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Are you starting to think about exit strategies or strategic investors? Talk to someone who’s written a software product and bootstrapped it into a company. Someone who’s managed a profitable software company, positioned it to be acquired, and executed a successful exit strategy. Get practical help from an advisor who’s been on the other side of the table buying companies. Work with a consultant who knows what buyers are looking for in a software company, and who has done due diligence and knows what buyers don't want to find.

Let me help you succeed at the most important step of your life.

Key Benefits


"Been there, done that" from someone who understands software and the software business, from the mainframe to the Web.


Tips from an acquirer's point-of-view.


Realistic, down-to-earth advice.


Contacts in the software acquisition community.

Are you wondering what "Due Diligence" is? Click here to find out.

Why doesn't our software sell?

Our product works really well, we have several satisfied customers, and we know there are lots of companies that could benefit from it. So why isn't it selling?

Sound familiar? Check out what sales trainer Steve Kraner has to say about Why Buyers Buy.

We're private, so Sarbanes-Oxley doesn't affect us, right?

Sarbanes-Oxley is the bill signed last July to restore confidence in the US markets in the wake of Enron and WorldCom. The most publicized provision is management certification of financial statements. The act applies only to issuers regulated by the SEC, so if you have a private company you can ignore Sarbanes-Oxley, right?

Wrong! Says PricewaterhouseCoopers ... [more]

Could you patent your software?

Tangible evidence that your company owns unique intellectual property copyrights, trademarks, and patents increases the perceived value in the eyes of a potential acquirer. Have you ever wondered if you could patent your software? Click here for some guidelines.

Are you a little uncertain of the differences among copyrights, trademarks, and patents? See the downloads page for a one-page summary.


Download "How I Sold My Software Company"

"How I Sold My Software Company" A PowerPoint presentation that gives a very personal description of the process of selling my company.

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Consulting Information Request

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