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Photograph of Charles MillsProgrammer, Entrepreneur, CEO, Consultant, Inventor Charles Mills wrote a software product, started and managed a successful software company, cashed out, and worked for four years from the other side of the table assisting the acquirer in buying other software companies. Now he helps entrepreneurs, acquirers, lawyers, and investment bankers achieve the same success he did.

Mr. Mills is the inventor of ciKeep™, a patent pending method for preventing software piracy.


Technology Due Diligence

Are you an acquirer of software companies? An M&A attorney? An investor? Do you want to be certain that the software assets that you are buying do not come with potentially disastrous copyright, patent, ownership or maintenance problems?

Strategic Due Diligence

Software Company Consulting

Are you starting to think about exit strategies or strategic investors? Talk to someone who’s written a software product, positioned it to be acquired, and executed a successful exit strategy. Get practical help from an advisor who’s been on the other [more]


ciKeep™ is a new licensing method that protects software and digital entertainment from unauthorized sharing. Unlike earlier installation key systems, ciKeep prevents licensees from sharing keys by tying each key to confidential information, such as a credit card number, that the licensee is unwilling to disclose.

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Our product works well, we have satisfied customers, and there are lots of companies that could benefit from it. Why isn't it selling? Sound familiar? Read Steve Kraner's Why Buyers Buy.

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